July 2010

Nectarine and Tomato Chutney with Sweet Curry

July 25, 2010

Strolling happily into my favorite grocery store, I was drawn magnetically to a display of beautiful nectarines. I instinctively picked one up, held it to my nose and took a deep breath. The smell was ripe and richly sweet, reminiscent of its cousin the peach. Like big baseballs of burgundy, red and gold, their skin was smooth and soft. Who could resist. I had to bring a few pounds home.

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Pistachio Crusted Roast Salmon

July 11, 2010

Always seeming to be on the run, the first half of the year went by in a blink. With trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico and Washington DC, then the Chef Challenge I didn’t have time to write about one of the most fun things we did in the first half of the year – the Food Styling and Photography Workshop, and this terrific pistachio-crusted salmon recipe.

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Vote Now and Help Me Win for Charity in the Sears Chef Challenge!

July 4, 2010

If you’ve been following my posts on the Sears Chef Challenge, it’s now time to vote! Click this link and then click on the big orange button. Voting started June 26 and ends on July 10, which is next Saturday. The voting has been fiercely competitive and I need your votes each day to win and bless the two charitable organizations I am competing for – The Saddleback Church Food Pantry and The Sheepfold.

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