February 2011

Lighter Whole Wheat Lasagna

February 28, 2011

Working outdoors on folding tables plating lunch for 130 hungry guests I almost froze. With cool weather and breezes, then sun and warmth, then cold gray clouds threatening rain all in the space of a few hours, Mother Nature showed me she couldn’t make up her mind whether it’s winter or spring. At home, I was happy to have homemade lasagna waiting in the fridge for a warming, hearty dinner.

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Healthy Butternut Apple Soup

February 21, 2011

Thick, creamy soups often get their satisfying richness and texture from heavy cream; full of flavor but full of fat. I’ve discovered a way to remake creamy butternut squash soup into something rich tasting and satisfying, yet far healthier.

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Barbecue Glazed Meatloaf

February 13, 2011

Meatloaf is classic American comfort food that is enjoying a revival. When I ask people whether they like meatloaf I get mixed reactions. Some people nod and smile, some scowl and make faces. So far, everyone has loved this modern version. It’s not your mother’s meatloaf.

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Vegetarian Chili with Smoked Spices & Park City, UT

February 5, 2011

After a morning of snowshoeing and dog sledding (and of course, playing with the dogs), we had a warming lunch of hearty chili before heading out snowmobiling. Back home, making a pot of my vegetarian chili sounded good. Filled with colorful vegetables, aromatic garlic and onions, tender beans, herbs and smoked spices you won’t miss the meat. One of my clients requests this recipe practically every time I cook for them.

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