October 2012

Easy Roasted Brussels Sprouts

October 23, 2012

My little cabbage might be a French term of endearment, but many people are not in love with the little mini-cabbages called Brussels sprouts…until they have them oven roasted. Roasting brings out the wonderful, nutty flavor of Brussels sprouts and turns many into fans. Best, it takes about 18 minutes to roast them. Brussels sprouts are terrific with roast chicken, roast turkey or as part of a vegetarian dinner. They are also a great side dish for upcoming holiday feasts.

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The Danger of Hidden Sugar in Our Diets

October 18, 2012

As sugar consumption in America has skyrocketed, so have lifestyle-related diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It’s clear: consuming too much sugar can have severe health consequences. Sugar quietly and dangerously hides in our diets, masked by many names. We need to seek out the hidden sugars in our diets to make healthier choices and live healthier lives. To do that, we must know the names sugar hides by.

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Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

October 16, 2012

In this busy season when days zoom by and temperatures drop, it’s comforting to have an easy, hearty soup recipe in your back pocket. This satisfying soup is two soups in one; black bean soup and pumpkin soup. It can be made quickly from things you probably have in your pantry – canned black beans, canned pumpkin, canned tomatoes, onions and chicken broth. Another benefit – the ingredients are nutritional powerhouses called “superfoods“, so this soup is not just easy and fast, but super healthy.

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How to Roast Beets

October 7, 2012

Beets are a love-hate vegetable. People seem to be either in the “dirt” camp (hate them) or the “earthy” camp (love them). Even though my husband hates them, I love them and often roast fresh beets for myself. I add roasted beets to salads or enjoy them as a side dish. Beets are super nutritious and a great way to add more vegetables to your diet, plus they are easy to make.

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