Beans, Legumes & Grains

Ingredients A-Z: Black Rice (Forbidden Rice)

March 6, 2014

The legendary black rice once reserved for Chinese Emperors, “Forbidden” rice is fabled to enrich health and ensure longevity. No wonder. There’s lots of healthy nutrition in that beautiful color. 

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Southwestern Black Bean Salad

May 13, 2013

Everyone loves recipes that are easy and quick to put together, healthy, and versatile in how you can use them. In honor of May being National Salad Month, I have two new salads for you. The first, a colorful, flavorful Southwestern Black Bean Salad. The second, which I’ll post soon, is a new “green” quinoa salad recipe with spinach, cucumber and herbs.

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All About Quinoa and How To Cook It

January 17, 2013

I’ve been surprised lately how many people I’ve talked to who are not yet familiar with quinoa (keen-wah). I thought I’d write a quick post to encourage anyone who has not tried it to do so. This is one gluten-free super grain that you need to have in your diet. It cooks in just 18 minutes, is packed with nutrition and tastes terrific. Interestingly enough, 2013 has been declared the Year of Quinoa by the United Nations.

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Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

October 16, 2012

In this busy season when days zoom by and temperatures drop, it’s comforting to have an easy, hearty soup recipe in your back pocket. This satisfying soup is two soups in one; black bean soup and pumpkin soup. It can be made quickly from things you probably have in your pantry – canned black beans, canned pumpkin, canned tomatoes, onions and chicken broth. Another benefit – the ingredients are nutritional powerhouses called “superfoods“, so this soup is not just easy and fast, but super healthy.

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Turkey and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers

September 12, 2012

Packed with vitamins C, A and E, bell peppers make a great vessel for a savory filling and satisfying dinner. Here’s my updated recipe for stuffed bell peppers with lean ground turkey, nutrition-packed quinoa and tomatoes. I’ve added sweet dried currants, warming spices, plus a little feta cheese for some tang. You can even make the stuffing ahead of time to save time. Notes for dietary options are below.

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4th of July Healthy Menu Planner

July 2, 2012

My earlier memories of 4th of July are filled with the goofy parade down main street (which my parents coerced me into going to), grilling at mom and dad’s, and spending lazy summer time with family and friends. The closer it got to dark, the more I excited I got to hunt down the best fireworks displays. I’m still crazy about watching fireworks. It’s not the 4th without them! If you are still trying to figure out the fireworks of your menu and what will [...]

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Quinoa Salad (Tabouleh)

June 27, 2012

When one of my best friends said “tell me what to do with quinoa”, this is first recipe I thought of. Here’s a chilled, refreshing quinoa salad called tabouleh. It’s a dish I make frequently in summer to serve with chicken or fish, and to eat on it’s own as a lunch or snack. If you’ve only heard of quinoa (keen-wah) but never cooked with it, you’ve got to add this powerhouse to your pantry. It’s been grown for thousands of years at high elevation [...]

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Risotto Milanese with Peas

October 3, 2011

Making risotto is like therapy in a pan. When the day has left you frazzled and wondering what to do for dinner, make risotto and let the day fade away. Slowly stir hot broth into rice until the grains are tender and creamy, the steamy fragrance drifting up into your nose. A little wine for the pan, a little wine for you.  And then you get to eat it. This version uses saffron for a Risotto Milanese, to which I add peas. Simply heaven.

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Ginger Molasses Baked Beans from Scratch

July 12, 2011

July is National Baked Bean month, so what better reason to make a pot of baked beans. Instead of taking a shortcut with canned beans, this time I started with dried.  The result? Big baked beans with a meaty texture plus rich sweetness from brown sugar and molasses, a little kick from garlic and ginger, and smoky flavors from bacon and spices. Who could resist this summer classic?

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Summer White Bean Salad

June 6, 2011

Whether canned or dried, beans are the backbone of any strong pantry. Strong, like silent soldiers, waiting to leap into action to help you create a meal. With a strong pantry you will never go hungry, even when you are too tired to go to the grocery store. While canned beans are good for certain recipes or when you are short on time, nothing can beat a dish started with dried beans. Soaked overnight and cooked slowly the next day, great are the rewards in [...]

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