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Welcome to A Food Centric Life

This site is all about helping you to learn to cook, eat, and live a happy, passionate, healthy, energy-filled life.

To have a healthy relationship with food, we must cook. Food truly is medicine. We have the power to change our lives by changing what is at the end of our fork and by what goes into our shopping cart. This site is a resource to help you succeed on that journey.

My life is food-centric so yours does not have to be. I live, eat, sleep and breathe food, nutrition, and holistic health because I love it and it’s my passion. If I am not shopping for food, then I am planning it, cooking it, developing recipes for it, or reading and researching health and nutrition topics about it, all with helping you in mind.

Cooking should be enjoyable, creative and fun, not anxiety inducing. But many people struggle with that. So I am here to help by sharing recipes, tips, and techniques as well as information on food and health-related subjects. It’s also why we include a lot of how-to shots in our posts.

Once you’ve made a new dish and received accolades all around, I hope you will report back with a comment. Nothing makes me happier than knowing you have been helped in some small way. Really. Your comments not only make me smile but make the hard work of creating each post worth it.

Fresh, Whole, Seasonal Healthy Cooking

The recipes on A Food Centric Life focus on healthy cooking with seasonal, fresh, whole foods, organic produce, lean meat, organic poultry, nuts and seeds, wild seafood, healthy fats and natural sweeteners. We believe in a plant-focused or plant-based diet, because we all need to eat more plants. That being said, we are omnivores.

Eating Unprocessed

Eating as unprocessed as possible or “practically unprocessed” is our goal. Practically, meaning healthful eating has to be practical with the demands of busy life today. Practically also means almost. There are always exceptions. If it is something I could make myself but reach for a healthy, ready-made product that is close to save time, that’s fine. Think of canned beans versus dried beans.

Start with fresh, whole foods. If something has a label, ask yourself if your grandmother could read the ingredient list and understand it. Does it have more than five ingredients on the list? You might want to think again. Read labels like a hawk.

Banish Unhealthy Ingredients

Unhealthy ingredients like partially hydrogenated oils and industrially-produced vegetable oils, high fructose corn syrup, unnecessary additives and chemicals, genetically engineered foods and anything artificial have no place in a diet intended to achieve optimal health for a long life.

Glute-Free and Organic

Buying organic is the best choice, but you need to choose what is best for you, your budget and what is available in your area. The bottom line is eating more fruits and vegetables, even if conventional, is the most important for our health. Shopping with the EWG’s Dirty Dozen list helps.

We also eat gluten-free. We went gluten-free after reading Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and found that we felt better. Then I discovered I was officially gluten-sensitive. We’ve stayed with the gluten-free life ever since. You may find a few old recipes with wheat in the archives, but recipes published in the last few years are gluten-free.

Where possible, I make notes on how to adapt for those who eat vegan, vegetarian, or a dairy-free lifestyle. Occasionally I will publish a post that is food for thought – such as why you need to stop drinking soda, tips on saving money while shopping or how to read labels – all things that impact our health and life.

How it Started

Years ago a friend stopped me mid sentence and said “do you know you light up when you talk about food”? It was one of those light bulb moments in life. So this blog is my conversation with you, a way to share my passion for healthy cooking, with family and friends. Please comment and ask questions. I love to hear from you. It’s make all of the hard work of blogging worth it knowing that what we do is helping you.

One of my favorite bible verses is 1 Peter 4:10. It says “God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings”.  And that sums up the blog. Using my gifts to benefit and bless you.

About the Photography

A Food Centric Life is also about beautiful food photography with images that inspire you to get into the kitchen and cook. We include process and “how-to” shots along the way to make it easier for you.

All photos are copyright A Food Centric Life or Kent Cameron. If you want to use one of our photos, please contact us for permission. For more information please read the copyright section on our Terms page. Starting in January 2015, all food photography has been done by Sally. In previous years the photos are Kent’s.

We ask that you please link back to the post from where the photo was taken from with proper credit to AFoodCentricLife.com. We maintain the right to withdraw permission and request that our photo be removed from another site for any reason. If you are referring to a recipe along with a photo, please do not copy and use the entire recipe and directions, but link back to our site so that both of us benefit.

Marketing, Advertising and Affiliate Programs

We are currently part of affiliate marketing program with Amazon. That means if you follow a link and purchase from the Amazon on a product I use and recommend, I might receive a small compensation for your purchase. Anything earned helps to offset the cost of running this site.

About Sally and Kent

Sally is a professionally trained chef, Daniel Plan Signature Chef, freelance recipe developer, published author, speaker, certified health coach, and educator. She left Corporate America after completing her culinary degree and started a personal chef and catering business. Additionally, she completed the program through The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to receive her health coaching certification.

A Daniel Plan Signature Chef, Sally wrote significant content for The Daniel Plan Cookbook, companion to the New York Times best-selling book The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life and developed many of the recipes. She also developed recipes for the Daniel Plan Fitness and DVD series Nutrition Guide.

Most recently Sally developed the recipes for Dr. Mark Hyman’s bestselling book, Eat Fat Get Thin, another terrific read about healthy fat in our diets.

Sally and Kent live in Orange County, California

Thanks for visiting AFoodCentricLife.com.