Natural Products Expo West 2018

By Sally Cameron on March 18, 2018

Living Well

I spent last weekend at the world’s largest natural, organic and healthy products show called Natural Products Expo West. More than 85,000 attendees crowded the Anaheim Convention Center to discover new products from industry pioneers and innovators shaping the future of healthy products. While I worked much of the show, I did have part of a day to run around and see as much as I could. It’s like being a kid in a candy store and trick-or-treating combined! Here’s my report on a few neat things to look out for. expo west 2018 |

Natural Products Expo West

Thanks to my good friend and famous raw chef, Jenny Ross, this year I worked the Tribest booth. Tribest makes products that make healthy living easy, from slow juicers to new commercial vacuum blenders (amazing!), home sous vide systems, air humidifiers that double as essential oil diffusers, even home sprouting systems and dehydrators. I had a ball demonstrating healthy green vegetable juices for show attendees on their fantastic Green Star Elite and Green Star Pro models of masticating, cold press juicers. expo west 2018 |

Food Finds and Hot Products from Expo West 2018

Combing the aisles with eagle eyes, hunting for hot and new products, I stopped at booths that looked promising and spoke with  many wonderful friendly and enthusiastic vendors, plus I came away with wonderful samples to test at home. Here is a list:

Artisan Rice Vinegar

One of the first booths I stopped at was Pureness Health to sample their all natural artisan Taiwanese brown rice vinegars. Vinegar is not just for salad dressing. I’m always looking for delicious new vinegars and these you can drink they are so good. In fact drinking them has many health benefits. Check out their website for where to buy. And thank you Sherry! expo west 2018 |

Coconut Yogurt

Are you dairy-free and missing yogurt? I’ve tried a few brands of coconut yogurt and tossed them. Here is one that really tastes terrific – Coyo. This coconut yogurt is truly all natural: nothing artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no added sugar, soy, egg, gluten, no fillers, and vegan, paleo, and certified kosher. Ah-maaazing! Check out their story here. I just bought some at Whole Foods. Of course non-dairy yogurts have little protein, so add a few tablespoons of raw shelled hemp seeds to get some protein in. expo west |

Plant-Based Protein Beverage

Remedy Organics is a fantastic product I tasted, But unfortunately it’s only sold on the east coast right now. These are creamy and delicious, made with ingredients like almond milk, MCT oil, maca, probiotics, turmeric, ginger, coconut, seeds and they are plant-based. Like health in a bottle. Hope they get to the west coast soon! Would be great after yoga or a workout. expo west |

Foods Alive Crackers

Sometimes you need something crunchy, you know what I mean? And here is a healthy solution from Foods Alive, a leader in raw food living. Simple, clean, organic ingredients, like chia, sesame and flax seeds, nuts, reishi mushrooms, plus big flavors. We immediately devoured a bag of the Lemon Chia-Crunch and ordered more on Amazon. Find them at health oriented markets too. expo west |

Sproutman Wheat Grass Capsules

Many juice bars offer pricey shots of wheatgrass, but have you tasted one? The emerald green chlorophyll-rich liquid is like drinking freshly mowed lawn, but the health benefits are huge.Wheatgrass is a superfood with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s packed with high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and digestive enzymes. With “wheat” in the name, I wondered if I could consume them being gluten-free. The Sprout Brothers, Ari and Noah Meyerowitz, assured me they were gluten-free. So here is a way to get the health benefits of wheat grass in capsules without having to drink the juice. Much easier. They handed me three capsules and down they went. Check their website for the release of this hot new product. expo west |

Holy Kombucha Batman!

Even their colorful labels vibrate with health. A refreshingly crisp fermented tea, Holy Kombucha‘s brew is all raw, natural and tasted fantastic. The Dallas, TX area has the best distribution, but find it in Southern California at some Ralph’s and coming soon to Sprouts Markets. For expansion to your area, check their website. expo west 2018 |

And More! But I Must Finish This Post

I could go on and on about the many wonderful products I found. To see more, check out my Instagram feed. For now, here is a list of more products to check out:

  • I’m a big fan of Eden Foods and at the show they just launched roasted organic tahini and organic black sesame butter.
  • Abby’s Better Nut Butter is a line launched by a fifteen year old health enthusiast named Abby. Her flavors are different and delicious. Beware the Date Pecan. You could eat the the entire jar. A few flavors are on Amazon.
  • Brought home a sample bottle of a new probiotic line from Solaray, a pioneer in encapsulated blended herbal products, called mycrobiome probiotic. The capsules have an enteric coating so they survive your digestive system and get to where the need to go in your gut.
  • If you love chocolate, try premium Pacari organic raw chocolate, “from tree to bar”. I tasted their 85% bar and it was fantastic. Unfortunately no samples as someone had raided their booth overnight and stolen all but one bar of the 85%. Another family-owned business, Pacari means nature in the Ecuadoran language. Order a few bars, you’ll be back for more.

expo west 2018 |

  • We’ve also devoured all but one bag of the new Alter Eco dark chocolate coconut clusters I brought home. Their label reads “enlightened indulgence”, and that they are. Light, crisp, toasted coconut flakes with dark chocolate seeds, nuts, and salt, they are fair-trade, organic, vegan, paleo, what more could you ask for. Restraint will be the hard part. For now, order off their site until they arrive on Amazon or at your local store. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

expo west 2018 |

  • Familiar with the power of functional mushrooms? OM Nutrition offers powerful single species and functional mushroom blends designed to promote immunity, vitality, and energy. They come in powdered form so adding the power of functional mushrooms to your diet is easy. Add them to smoothies, tea, lattes, and just about anything. I brought home a sample of the Lions Mane, great for memory, focus and nerve health. Try it in my green tea matcha and coconut latte.

expo west 2018 | And last but certainly not least, Tahitian Gold Specialty Vanilla Products. They offer a variety of gourmet quality pure vanilla extracts. All are unsweetened and cold percolated in small batches. I mentioned that I was almost out of vanilla and they gave me lovely samples of the vanilla paste to bring home. Their vanilla paste is a rich, creamy balance of freshly ground beans and pure extract for a full, flavorful bouquet. It’s three times stronger and more heat tolerant than extracts and blends evenly into recipes with specs of pure ground vanilla. The most fun thing I’ve done with Tahitian vanilla paste? Made a warm vanilla bean beurre blanc sauce for lobster. Decadent. expo west 2018 | OK Last photo, I promise. I’ve cooked for world leaders, famous author and doctors, and professional athletes, but I got to meet a rockstar of the healthy food world, Mr. James Colquhoun, CEO & President of Foodmatters! If you are not familiar with them be sure to check out their website and film, read their incredible story and follow them on social media. expo west 2018 |    

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