Crispy Chicken Quesadillas

By Sally Cameron on February 17, 2013

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With leftover roast chicken in the refrigerator, chicken quesadillas became the lunch solution this week. Add a cup of soup, a green salad, and you have a satisfying dinner. Chicken quesadillas are quick and easy to make, and gluten-free.

Crispy Chicken Quesadillas

On Sunday’s I usually roast a whole chicken for dinner, then save leftover chicken to use during the week for a second meal. It’s a time-saving strategy for busy cooks: cook once and eat twice.  You can add it to soup, make chicken salad, toss it with pasta or add it to risotto. This time, it was quick chicken and avocado quesadillas, made in just minutes.

Brown Rice Tortillas for Gluten Free

Embarking on a wheat-free dietary test has made me hunt to find alternatives to what we used to eat made from wheat. That’s how I discovered brown rice tortillas. Rice tortillas are not as soft as wheat tortillas, but that’s why I love them for quesadillas. In fact, I like them better for quesadillas as they get crisp more quickly. When you bite into them, they have a nice chew and texture.

The brand I’ve been using is made by Food For Life. They are 9 1/2” across (24 cm) and make a nice crispy quesadilla. I found them at my local Whole Foods in the refrigerated deli section.

How to Make a Quick Quesadilla

Heat a 12” (30 cm) stainless steel fry pan over medium heat. Add a teaspoon of oil or a spray of non-stick. Add the tortilla to the pan and top with a little grated cheese. Jalapeno-Jack or a low-fat Jack cheese work well. When the cheese melts, place chicken and avocado slices on one half. You can add thinly sliced tomatoes, fresh salsa, or chopped cilantro for more flavor and color.

When the bottom of the tortilla is getting golden and crisp, fold the unfilled half over the filled half with a metal spatula. Press down a bit with your spatula to get the inside to stick together. That’s it. You can make one in just a few minutes.

If the chicken is cold, you might need to leave it in the pan a little longer to warm through or pop the pan into a warm oven. Alternatively, warm the chicken before adding it to the pan. Cut your quesadilla into thirds and serve. A little sour cream is good on the side and a cooling compliment to the crisp quesadilla. A squeeze of lime juice is good too.

For a fast soup idea that pairs nicely with the quesadilla, try my homemade tomato soup. If you need directions on how to roast a whole chicken, try my recipe with easy directions.


Quick & Crispy Chicken Quesadillas

Chicken quesadillas are quick and easy to make with leftover roast chicken. This recipe uses brown rice tortillas for a gluten-free solution. Alone, they are great for a lunch. I add a crisp, sliced apple on the side. For dinner, add a side salad or soup for a heartier meal. The brand I use is made by Food For Life. Find them in the refrigerated section of healthy food stores.
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Cuisine Mexican
Keyword chicken, quesadilla
Servings 1


  • 1 teaspoon oil or a spray of non-stick
  • 1 large brown rice tortilla
  • 1 ounce grated Jalapeno Jack or Jack cheese
  • 3 ounces leftover shredded roast chicken
  • 1/4 avocado sliced or mashed


  • fresh salsa
  • fresh chopped tomato
  • fresh chopped cilantro


  •  Heat a 12 ” (24 cm) saute or fry pan over medium heat. Add the oil or spray. Place the tortilla in the pan. If one side is more textured, put the more textured side down. Add the cheese all over the tortilla and allow to melt. Add the chicken to one half and top with the avocado and any options. Don’t over stuff your quesadilla.
  • Fold the unfilled half over the filled half and press down a bit with a metal spatula. Cook until the quesadilla is browned and crisp. Watch your heat so it does not burn. Cut the folded quesadilla into thirds and serve.
  • Note on the chicken. If it’s very cold, you may want to warm it up before adding it to the quesadilla. Alternatively, turn the heat down and allow the chicken to heat through, or pop the pan into a warm oven for a few minutes.
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  1. Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious - February 18th, 2013

    Amazing! I may just have to make these for dinner tonight!

  2. Madonna/aka/Ms. Lemon - February 21st, 2013

    I like the idea of roasting a chicken and using the leftovers for a second meal that does not resemble left-overs.

  3. Sally - February 21st, 2013

    There is SO much you can do with leftover roast chicken. Soups, salads, toss into simmered beans for a soup/stew kind of thing, and always save the bodies for stock.

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