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Help For the Nutritionally Confused

With so many diets swirling in the public conversation, it’s no wonder we’re confused about healthy eating. Paleo or Pritikin? Atkins or Zone? South Beach or Vegan? High fat, low fat, or the latest celebrity fad?  Maybe you’re working with a functional, integrative or naturopathic doctor who suggests you make changes to your diet but you’re unsure how to make it real for your life with your busy schedule. Maybe you decided to take the bull by the horns yourself and adopt a healthier diet.
Maybe your doctor discovered a health issue and told you to change your diet, such as going gluten-free, dairy-free, or temporarily following a specialized diet, like a candida diet. But how and where do you start? It might feel overwhelming, because food is such a central and enjoyable part of life. That is where I combine. It became clear to me while attending a nutrition conference that doctors need chefs for where the rubber meets the road. They tell patients to eat healthier but then what? If you need help, please read on.
What works is finding the way of eating that works for you, for optimal health. Many diets fail, because temporary plans produce temporary results. The only thing that works is embracing a new way of eating for a long, healthy life and learning to implement it in your life.

How I Can Help

  • Develop an eating plan that supports achieving your health goals
  • Walk with you through the changes to make it happen and less overwhelming
  • Kitchen clean out and restock
  • Teach you how to read labels and make smart choices when grocery shopping
  • Teach you to menu plan for the long term
  • Design a menu plan that works for you, to help make the changes doable
  • Simple, healthy, delicious recipes to delight your tastebuds and make healthy eating a joy not drudgery
  • Support to help you achieve your individual health goals
  • Teach you to cook

My philosophy is to:

  • prioritize plants
  • get the right amount of high quality protein
  • choose the right carbs
  • eat healthy fat that satisfies
  • get off the junk food, processed food that has highjacked your tastebuds
  • Beat your sugar addiction
  • Lose weight
  • Gain energy
  • Balance your hormones
  • Detox
  • Get off heavy metals (food, not music!)
  • Live healthier, longer and age better

I’m here to help clear up nutritional confusion and the “what am I supposed to eat” question and take you from overwhelmed to confident.