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By Sally Cameron on March 23, 2017

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From recipes that give you energy and help you detox, to probiotic-promoting recipes to feed your gut and soul, you will love Tess Master’s gluten-free, vegan creations in her latest book, The Perfect Blend. Don’t let the word vegan scare you if you are not a vegan. It’s about healthy, plant-based recipes that everyone will enjoy.

The Perfect Blend |

I had the honor of meeting this multi-talented Aussie dynamo years ago at a food and blogging conference. Tess is an actor, an in-demand spokeswoman, presenter, and recipe developer. She is the author of four health-focused cookbooks with blending as the focus method. She’s known by her fans and friends alike as The Blender Girl; a self-confessed blendaholic.

Melissa’s World Produce

Famous for their unique and speciality produce, Melissa’s hosted a book signing and cooking demo for The Perfect Blend. It was at the Melissa’s warehouse in Vernon, California, which also holds their test kitchen team of talented chefs who create Melissa’s recipes and assist with special events. We were greeted with a delicious array of dishes from the book to be sampled for lunch. More about Melissa’s below.

The Perfect Blend |

Lunch Menu From The Perfect Blend

Attendees got to enjoy Can’t Beet This Dip, Baked Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Gentle Lentils, Raw Broccoli Brilliance, and Sustenance Stew, plus two fabulous desserts. Sweet tooth’s were satisfied by Classic Cheesecake and Chocolate Mint Mania, which was incredible. All recipes are from the book and all were delicious, as well as gluten-free and vegan.

The Perfect Blend |

Time-Saving products From Melissa’s

While most of what I cook at home is from scratch, there are times when it is nice to reach for something that is ready to go. Melissa’s Steamed Lentils and Baby Beets are handy to have on hand because they are great for salads, soups, stews and more. Find them in the produce section of your market.

Robert Schueller, Melissa’s Marketing Director, told me that the vacuum-sealed pouches last for two months in the pantry and 6 months in the refrigerator. The Steamed Artichoke Hearts are new to me and I can’t wait to play with them. Thanks Melissa’s for the fantastic goodie box. I will enjoy everything in it!

Melissa’s Fresh Coconuts

Melissa’s just introduced these little fresh coconuts from Southern Vietnam. Rich in electrolytes and potassium, the coconut water has a mildly sweet, refreshing taste. Melissa’s is packing them with a straw attached that shows you where to push through the eye to get to the delicious coconut water within. And the best is no cracking required. Just pop in a straw and enjoy.

The Perfect Blend: One to Add to Your Collection

There are many terrific things about The Perfect Blend. Of course the recipes are totally nourishing and delicious, but the book has a great feel to it. The photography by Anson Smart is just gorgeous, warm, and inviting, which make the recipes very approachable for readers. Each recipe has a “booster” section on things you can add to increase the healthful benefits and jazz up the flavors.

If the terrific recipes and beautiful photos are not enough, you will learn a lot from reading this book. Tess includes lots of great information on healthy ingredients. All recipes are made in a blender so they are easy to prepare so get your copy today. You’ll enjoy adding more plant-based recipes to your repertoire.

The Perfect Blend |

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