Sally is a professionally trained chef, recipe developer, author, speaker, and Certified Health Coach. She’s developed recipes both for The Daniel Plan Cookbook and other projects as well as for Dr. Mark Hyman’s NYT bestselling book, Eat Fat Get Thin.

Changing her diet by going gluten-free and focusing on whole fresh foods, lots of plants, nuts, seeds, healthy fats and quality proteins helped her detox from heavy metals, manage histamine intolerance (HIT), as well as recover from Lyme and mold.Chef Sally Cameron

Her life is food-centric so that yours doesn’t have to be. Food and cooking are her passion and she loves to share her recipes and knowledge with others to support their journey to delicious eating, better nutrition, and well-being. She believes that healthy eating should be life-giving and joyful, not a chore, because food truly is medicine. Food not just as fuel, but to ease the end of a tough day, or to celebrate with friends. Food to nourish the soul. Food that heals. After all, it’s around the table that we come together, and the best things in life happen.

Her 40th birthday found her overweight and unhappy about how she felt and looked. She fell in love with fitness and the weight came off and then began the quest to learn to eat in a new way towards better health. It was in culinary school that her ongoing passion for nutrition ignited.

Cooking and food were always central in her life, even the years she worked in corporate America with a dream of attending culinary school, which finally came true. She worked in a suit by day and changed into chef whites, going to classes at night and on weekends. She left corporate America and started a new career at as a personal and private chef, catering and cooking for busy executive families. Following culinary school, she completed her Certified Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

She hopes this website will be a resource for you in your journey to better nutrition through healthy food that tastes great: because healthy is a lifestyle. And it’s about more than food; it’s about using fitness, faith, well-being and balance to live your best life and fulfill your God-given purpose. Please join us. Its more doable and more enjoyable when we do it together.