My life is food-centric so that yours doesn’t have to be. It’s my passion, and I’m excited to share my recipes, knowledge and best practices to help guide you on your gluten-free journey to delicious eating, better nutrition, wellbeing, and healthy aging (yes, we are all aging every day).

I’m a professionally trained chef, recipe developer, published author, speaker, Certified Health Coach and Certified Juicing Coach. I’ve developed recipes both for The Daniel Plan Cookbook and other projects as well as for Dr. Mark Hyman’s NYT bestselling book, Eat Fat Get Thin.

I feel blessed that I’m healthy, vital and filled with energy in my 60’s. A huge part of why is how I eat, and I want to share that with you.  I’m inspired by fresh whole foods, lots of plants, nuts and seeds, healthy fat and quality protein. I believe that healthy eating should be life-giving and joyful, not a chore, and that food truly is medicine.

In today’s youth-obsessed culture we all know we’re aging. Aging may be inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be about decline. It can be about power, strength and mental clarity. The key to aging well is food, because nothing impacts our health like what we put in our mouths. Food not just as fuel, but to ease the end of a tough day, or to celebrate with friends. Food to nourish the soul. Food that heals.

My Story

Food has always been an important part of my life. I grew up eating what we all did in the 1960’s and 70’s — boxed Mac ‘n Cheese and packaged cake mixes, convenience foods and “steak and bake” on the weekends. I’ve always loved to cook. My love of cooking came from the time I spent in the kitchen with my mom, whether it was preparing a weeknight dinner or a holiday feast.

My 40th birthday found me overweight and unhappy about how I felt and looked. I discovered fitness and the weight came off, but I had to learn to eat in a new way in my journey towards better health. My cooking and eating evolved over the years as I experimented, my knowledge of nutrition and training evolving. It was in culinary school that my passion for nutrition ignited.

I spent years working in corporate America, but my passion for food and cooking was never far from my thoughts. At age 45, I started culinary school, working in a suit by day and changing into my chef whites, going to class at night and weekends. I left corporate America and started a new career at age 50 as a personal and private chef, catering and cooking for busy executive families. Following culinary school I completed my Certified Health Coach certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and my Certified Juicing Coach certification through the Juice Guru Institute.

Today there is a lot of confusion about healthy eating and nutrition. Let me walk with you in your journey to better nutrition through healthy food that tastes great and is nutritious: because healthy is more than a goal, its a lifestyle. I’m living proof that healthy aging is possible. And it’s about more than food; it’s about using fitness, faith, well being and balance to live your best life and fulfill your God-given purpose.

My Health Battles

My health battles include detoxing from heavy metals, dealing with histamine intolerance and a mast cell issue triggered by Lyme and mold exposure and going gluten-free being diagnosed NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten-Sensitive). I’ve learned how critical continual detoxing is for me through genetic testing, which explains why I’ve experienced some of these issues. If what I’ve done can help you with your health battles, it would be my honor to help you and be on your health team.

Please join me. Its more doable and more enjoyable when we do it together.