Pumpkin Pie Smoothie|AFoodCentricLife.com

It might be meltingly hot in Southern California, but my brain is in fall mode. Tired of the heat, I am ready for cooler weather, sweaters, a flickering fireplace, and fall foods and ingredients. Fall mode means pumpkin and squashes and comfort food again. Anyone else mentally in fall mode? Please tell me I am not the only one.  [click to continue…]

Chocolate Chip Granola Bites|AFoodCentricLife.com

Who doesn’t love granola. Crunchy, nutty, maple-y, spiced and a great way to start the day. Nice as a snack too. Loose granola is fine for when you are at home, but what about when you are on the go? Here is a portable version of my roasted maple granola, this recipe with chocolate chips.  [click to continue…]

Avocado and Hummus Wraps

September 10, 2014

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Like wraps? Here is something new to try. A Wrawp. Smear with hummus, layer in some avocado, tomatoes and sprouts or lettuce greens and you have a super healthy wrap for lunch or a snack. 

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Cherry Tomato Tart

September 6, 2014

Maybe it was the fresh cherry cakes I’d been baking weekly at the request of visiting friends, but I had cherries on my mind. When I saw little green baskets of colorful cherry tomatoes at the market I thought, what about a cherry tomato cake? Then inspiration hit, and here is the delicious result. Before summer tomatoes disappear, make this cherry tomato tart. It is easier than it looks. Your friends and family will think you are a culinary rock star.

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How To Steam Salmon

August 29, 2014

With time-starved schedules and the desire to eat healthy, everyone needs fast and easy recipes they can turn to. Here is one I’ve done a lot this summer – Steamed Salmon. You can have dinner on the table in just minutes. About six minutes to be exact. Steaming: It’s not just for vegetables. 

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Forgotten Cookies

August 25, 2014

Softly leafing through an old, faded notebook, I came across a recipe that looked familiar yet at the same time different. The ingredient list I knew, but the technique was different. It was a simple cookie I baked growing up called a chocolate chip meringue, but this recipe was called the Forgotten Cookie.

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A Feast with Friends | Grilled Scallops Wrapped in Prosciutto

August 21, 2014

Great food makes for great bribery. With the promise of a fabulous feast, we invited ourselves over to good friends for the weekend. They have a gorgeous home overlooking the California coast. Hey, what are friends for?

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Zucchini Applesauce Muffins (gluten-free)

August 17, 2014

Zucchini in muffins? Yes! If the thought of that throws your family, don’t tell them. Once they have gobbled one of these soft and moist golden goodies down, then tell them.

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Grilled Corn and Quinoa Salad with Fresh Herbs

August 6, 2014

While fresh summer corn lingers at the market, grill a few cobs, cut off the caramelized kernels and toss it with some cooked quinoa, olive oil and herbs. Such a simple and delicious summer salad, and a great way to use extra grilled corn. 

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Avocado Toast with Heirloom Tomatoes and Microgreens

August 1, 2014

Beautiful California avocados. I eat them every day. Buttery, creamy, healthy, and totally irresistible. Of course they are good as guacamole, on sandwiches, in omelets, stuffed with crab or chicken salad, whirled into creamy dips or smoothies, added to green salads and about a million other ways…but have you simply tried them on toast? Yes, toast! Unbelievable. My new current addiction.

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